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Arduino Yún

So the Arduino team has announced an new product, the Arduino Yún.
Looks like a very interesting product. My own LED lighting projects tend to be installed in places where plugging in a USB cable is inconvenient at the least. So one main feature for me will be the programmability of the Yún per WiFi!

While the High Power RGB LED shield only requires three pins from any Arduino or other Microcontroller board (SCL, SDA, GDN) it would be nice to be able to just stack it on top of an Arduino and not have to worry about wiring it up on a breadboard etc.
Looking at some of the photos the Ethernet Jack on the Yún looks very close to the Header and also looks tall enough to interfere with a lot of other shields.

Our led shield is very short and it should fit. Should it not fit a little filing on the interfering edge of the board should do the trick. There are no traces close to that area and its save to file of a mm or so.