Updated libraries on GitHub

The main HPRGB2 library has been updated with three new functions:

  1. goToRGBHI() uses 1024 CIE lab brightness corrected values (vs. 256 for goToRGB) for smoother fading at low values and when fading slowly.
  2. goToHSB10() provides much improved HSB accuracy. goToHSB() uses 256 values for Hue, which depending on fading speed can result in visible steps. The new routine uses 768 values and provides much smoother fading.

The SoftI2CMaster library, which is needed in order to change the I2C address of the MCP4728 LDAC, contained an error, which resulted in the sketch not being able to read back the correctly programmed I2C address and made it appear like the address programming failed. A big Thanks! to Mark_H who posted a comment about this here on the blog.


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