Shield is on sale at

Finally I was able to put the shield up for sale at Tindie. If there are any questions in respect to volume discounts or shipping rates please contact me be before buying by posting the question to the the STORE section of thIs blog.
I still have some work to do on the library before I will commit it to GitHub but the shield will work fine with the library for the V2 of the shield.


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  1. Hi. Just bought the HP RGB LED shield and I’m not finding a readily available power supply that seems to match the specified needs. I see a 1 amp that’s 5 V and some 9 or 12 V that are 650mA, but nothing that is >6V and at least 1 amp. Certainly a lot of laptop power supplies (or replacements for them) can deliver in the right range and could probably be modified to fit, but I just wondered if you (or anyone else) has a specific recommendation for a power supply that would be suitable and easy to use.

  2. Hi Ray,

    If you can let me know more details about your project I may be able to help you with the selection of a power supply. What LED(s) are you using ?

  3. Yes, that should work. I am assuming that the laminar flow fountain will only allow you to use a single emitter ? Otherwise you can put several of these in series, assuming you buy a bigger power supply.

    If you are limited to a single emitter and the 350mA LED does not work, the next step up could be the 10W RGB LZ4-00MC00 from

    If thats not enough then there is another option from LEDengin, the 40W LZC-83MC00:

    It goes without saying that as you go up in LED wattage you need bigger heat sinks and power supplies. Don’t operate any of these LEDs including the one you bought at Sparkfun without a Heatsink.

    You can operate all of these with the shield you have. It’ll be in the mail tomorrow.

  4. OK, I have the shield and the LED and have been looking over the documentation. I’d like to run a couple things by you just to make sure I’m on the right track.

    It looks like there are only 4 required pin connections between the shield and the Arduino: A4, A5, GND and 8. Is that correct? Are any other pin connections that are required or recommended?

    Then I connect power to the shield (and separately to the board) and connect the six LED connections to the shield and run the Arduino sketch. (After downloading/including the two required libraries.)

    I am assuming no need to run “Change Device ID” before using a single shield? The shields come set to the defaults used in the code.

    There’s also something about pull-up jumpers …. anything I need to do with that?



    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for the notice that you received your shield!
      For a single shield you only need three connections. A5, A5, GND. Pin 8 is only when you want to reprogram the device ID of the MCP. For a single shield config that’s not needed. You don’t need the Change Device ID sketch either.

      The pull-up resistors on the shield are also enabled and for a single shield configuration you don’t need to change anything.

      What micro controller are you using ?

  5. Arduino Duemilanova with an ATMega328

  6. Yes, I have used one other shield with this board and it seems to align and behave just like the UNO, but thanks for checking on that.

    I had also purchased an Arduino Mega anticipating the need for more PWM pins if I were to control multiple common cathode RGB LEDs with one board. However it appears that I could use three of your shields with this Duemilanova to control three of the high powered LEDs if they prove to be a better approach.

    I hope to test everything this week.


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