Boards are in…

Yesterday I received the 100 boards I ordered from It’s a surprisingly small packet, mainly due to the fact that with 0.8mm these boards (for thermal performance reasons) are only half as thick as standard boards. The different thickness also did not cost any extra, it was actually a little less expensive.  Most services I had checked before actually charge more for non-standard thicknesses.

Below is a photo of one of these.  I focussed my point-&-shoot camera on a more intricate part of the board. Due to the shallow depth-of-field much else is rather unsharp, but enough can be seen to say that these are doggone gorgeous!


And, Yes, it’s been just two weeks since I ordered these. That’s pretty speedy if taking into account that these boards come from Shenzen/China!

On the other hand, due to the number of boards I chose DHL and not China-, or Hong Kong post.


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  1. It looks beautiful! Seems like was a good choice. Please keep us updated on the build and the sale. Thanks, too for taking the initiative.

  2. Mitch from Hackvana.

    Hi, it’s Mitch, Mr. Hackvana here. I’m glad your boards arrived safely. I love to see that OSHW logo on your board, and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Bruce, Mitch,

    Thanks for your comments and support!

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