100 PCBs are ordered!

A while ago I had done some more research on possible PCB manufacturing.  Not the full assembly just the bare board. The difficulty was finding a source that had acceptable prices but at least offered 2oz copper.

Now I’ve placed an order of 100 pcs with hackvana.com after having a very fruitful  email conversation and an IRC chat with Mitch who runs Hackvana. Ive read some very good reviews of the quality of these boards and am looking forward to receiving them. I will likely take 2-3 weeks as the actual manufacturing happens in Hong Kong.

Board specs are as follows:

  • Blue Stop Mask
  • White Silk Screen (top and bottom)
  • RoHS finish (not ENIG)
  • 2oz copper plated
  • 0.8mm thick
  • tab routed into single pieces

After a discussion with Mitch who runs Hackvana.com I decided not to get the immersion gold finish (ENIG) . Yes, it looks great on a bare board but on a populated board with tented vias there is nothing left visible of the gold plating. The real purpose for the ENIG finish is to have e very flat surface and a longer shelf life.  The flatness of the boards will be fine for the intended purpose with the RoHS finish – no BGA chips in the design – and I don’t intend to have the bare board laying around for more than 3 months.

I also chose the 0.8mm thickness for better thermal performance as described in an earlier post. In fact and quite to my surprise, this was actually a little cheaper so there was no reason not do do it. I’ll post some pictures of the boards as soon as they have arrived.!


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