HP LED shield – possible change of direction

It’s been a while since the last update and unfortunately not much has happened in terms of getting the Tindie Fundraiser started. Not only our private and professional lives have kept us very busy but our initial idea to have the shield manufactured by a Company in Germany is associated with complications that have nothing to do with the LED shield itself but are rather of logistical, and possibly financial nature. For business insurance reasons the small company is not able to conduct business with a private person in the US. I’ve looked into registering a business and will eventually do that, but that is rather a long term goal and may not happen within the next two months.

Given that Tindie is a US website, pledges on a project would be trickling in in $US and once successfully funded we’d have to transfer funds per PayPal to Germany and into Euros. Then my partner would have to ship most of the assembled boards back into the US through customs. For a single shield customs would unlikely a problem, however, for a larger number one needs to make sure these are declared properly and customs fees have to be paid. Wile I have done some research it is unlikely that there would be FCC implications, these are all consideration that in the end will somehow result in additional cost and may render the project unfeasible.

Long story short, I’ve found two sources for low volume PCB manufacturers that offer PCBs with 2oz copper plating and have requested quotes. I have also found a company that can assemble the boards. While they don’t provide turnkey including sourcing the parts, the price that was provided in the initial contact is very attractive. While we have not spoken about details I am hoping to have more information by the end of this week.

Another area of concern is that I’ve never tested these shields under the full load of 40W. Buying enough LEDs, heat sinks would of course work but is rather inflexible. But I’ve found a product on Tindie that fits the bill perfectly, the Re:load 2, an adjustable Dummy Load. I’ve ordered three of those and will test one of my prototype LED shields as soon as they arrive.

Once all the above has settled to my satisfaction I will start the Fundraiser.



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