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Teensy3 and LEDshield

While I am waiting for to re-activate the fundraisers I am continuing to play with the hardware and software at hand.

The photo below shows a Teensy3 connected toe the LED shield and illustrates how little is necessary to connect a non Arduino microcontroller to the LED shield. Only three wires – SCL, SDA GND – are required, a 4th one to supply +5V from the LED shield’s on-board switched power supply to the Teensy 3. The Teensy3 is an Arm Cortex M4 powered board and has much more capable I2C hardware allowing it to run I2C frequencies up to 2.4MHz. Most Arduinos only support 100KHz and 400KHz. The hardware on the LED shield OTOH all supports FM+ mode so up to 1MHz. The Arm Cortex M4 is a 32bit microcontroller and can be operated at 96MHz. All for $19. Pretty sweet deal!

I am currently in process of getting the EthernetBonjour and ArdOSC libraries to compile and run on the Teensy3 to allow zeroConf networking and OSC control through TouchOSC from any iPhone/iPad and many supported Android devices. This already works on a Teensy++2 which is an Atmel processor based board and I hope not to run in too many obstacles.




As I was editing the necessary information on I noticed that I can add a product to the Tindie store but it was not obvious how to create a fundraiser. I just got offline with them and as it turns out they’ve taken fundraisers down for the time being.
They are working on a project to put them back online within the “next few weeks”. Until then, unfortunately we have to be patient.