Packet from China

Clearly my product photography skills need some improvements. Snapping pictures with the iPad on the kitchen tablet leaves something to be desired, however, I could not resist posting, now that the prototype PCBs that I had ordered from Itead Studio arrived.
These look much sharper than in the image πŸ˜‰

The only thing I am still waiting on are the Panasonic Inductors, which were not available from the big three here in the US ( Digikey, Mouser, Newark). I finally found them on the German RS components web site, tracked down a US rep and got a quote for some prototype quantities today. So I hope that it will not take longer than two weeks for them to get here.

Meanwhile my Panasonic InR toaster oven nicely follows a ROHS temperature profile. PID controlled with the Arduino Reflow Oven Shield

The Mylar stencil arrived weeks ago from Pololu and I hope to be able to post about the first fully assembled prototypes within the next 4 weeks.



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  1. Fantastic! They look great!

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