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Board Quality….

Before I ordered the 10 prototype boards I had done a good bit of research on to see what people had to say about different vendors. Amongst these was a post that compared the precision of the drill position of two different vendors, namely ITEAD and OSH Park with OSH park being of much better quality.

While the ITEAD quality may be fine for many boards, it won’t work for our boards as can clearly be seen in the image…..ohhh….wait…not in the image I posted a few days ago. But the photo I took with my Canon S90 shows the problem quite clearly. To see it you may have to my other blog @ (I know, what a shameless plug ;-))

While I am assuming that these boards will work OK for prototyping purposes, I would not want to order production quantities from ITEAD. I believe we’ve mentioned that we have received a quote from a manufacturer and if we decide to hand it over to them, they would provide a turnkey solution and would do everything, including sourcing the components, assembly etc. Having seen a few videos on their web-site I am confident their quality is much higher!


Packet from China

Clearly my product photography skills need some improvements. Snapping pictures with the iPad on the kitchen tablet leaves something to be desired, however, I could not resist posting, now that the prototype PCBs that I had ordered from Itead Studio arrived.
These look much sharper than in the image 😉

The only thing I am still waiting on are the Panasonic Inductors, which were not available from the big three here in the US ( Digikey, Mouser, Newark). I finally found them on the German RS components web site, tracked down a US rep and got a quote for some prototype quantities today. So I hope that it will not take longer than two weeks for them to get here.

Meanwhile my Panasonic InR toaster oven nicely follows a ROHS temperature profile. PID controlled with the Arduino Reflow Oven Shield

The Mylar stencil arrived weeks ago from Pololu and I hope to be able to post about the first fully assembled prototypes within the next 4 weeks.